Autodesk Revit MEP CCP


to Modena


16 – 17 Workshops

TIMES: 13h00 – 15h00

Friday afternoons

Revit MEP CCP Workshops

Workshop 1: Revit Templates & Title Blocks

Workshop 2: Project Setup, Linking & Coordination

Workshop 3: Worksets

Workshop 4: Designing Pipe Systems

Workshop 5: Spaces, Zones, Heating & Cooling Loads, Space Schedules

Workshop 6: Family Creation1 (Basics- Disciplines Specific)

Workshop 7A: Designing Air Systems

Workshop 7B: Views

Workshop 7C: Designing Plumbing Systems

Workshop 7D: Designing Fire Systems

Workshop 7E: Designing Electrical Systems

Workshop 8: Annotation, Keynotes, Tags & Revisions

Workshop 9: Family Creation 2 (Advanced –Parametric Arrays)

Workshop 10: Design Options and Phasing

Workshop 11: Bill of Quantities & Schedules

Workshop 12: Intelligent Detailing

Workshop 13: Coordination between Consultants & Clash detection

Workshop 14: Family Creation 3 (Expert Trigonometry Formulas)

Workshop 15: Lighting Analysis, Material Setup & Rendering

Workshop 16: Revit SANS 10400 Fire Templates and Training

Workshop 17: Fabrication in Revit

Workshop 18: P&ID Modeler

Modena Design Centres have developed a series of workshops to assist Revit users to upskill to Revit expert status.
The workshops are offered at one of our training centres on Friday afternoons for 17 weeks or alternatively on-site (please enquire for on-site pricing). Students receive workshop notes as well as exercises for each workshop, and may choose which workshops they would like to attend.

  • Prerequisites:
  • Revit MEP Fundamentals Course or equivalent in experience in working on Autodesk Revit.
    Knowledge of basic techniques is assumed, ie. creating standard elements, copying and moving elements, and creating and working with views, creating walls, roofs, and other objects.
  • Who should attend:
  • This course is designed for intermediate users of Revit MEP. Revit MEP introduces experienced users of this software to more advanced techniques and concepts for parametric engineering design and documentation. Using this software you will be able to create most complex building systems more accurately and efficiently.
  • Core Competency Programmes are available for:

Terms & Conditions: Modena reserves the right to limit quantities / spaces for training. Training availability is on a first come first served basis. Discount valid for Revit MEP purchased in March 2018. Modena reserves the right to change dates