Price: R9 000 Excl VAT
Course Duration: 4 Days

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AutoCAD Civil 3D

R9 000

Users learn about 3D conceptualization using solid, surface, and mesh models, and the recommended practices for evolving those into composite models. The tools and concepts of free-form organic modeling are covered. This guide also teaches users how to present their designs while they are still being created, using visualization tools such as visual styles, model walk and fly-throughs, materials, and lighting. Users also learn how to output 3D models from AutoCAD to either paper or a distributable, electronic version.

After completing

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the AutoCAD Civil 3D working environment.
  • Use Survey functionality in Civil 3D.
  • Create and manage points.
  • Create and edit surfaces.
  • Generate subdivision parcels.
  • Create alignments for subdivision roads.
  • Create profiles for subdivision roads.
  • Model a subdivision road with a cul-de-sac.
  • Design the grading for a subdivision site.
  • Create and edit a storm sewer pipe network.
  • Create alignments using design criteria for a transportation facility.
  • Create and edit a corridor model with a varying lane width.
  • Calculate corridor volumes and show design sections.
  • Share data using data shortcuts, reference objects, and Autodesk® Vault.


Completed AutoCAD Fundamentals training course prior to attending this Civil 3D course.

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